6 Tips For Moving to Spruce Grove

So you’ve decided to move to Spruce Grove, and now you’re looking around your house wondering where to start? Well in this post I’m going to give you all the tips you need to pack quickly and efficiently, as well as some Spruce Grove specific advice on how to prepare to move here. Stick around to hear all the tips you need to know to make your move to Spruce Grove seamless. I have moved more times than I can count in my life, so you’re getting tips from a pro!

Tip #1

Pick a Possession Day that makes sense – no matter where you’re moving, your REALTOR ®  should be working with you and the sellers during negotiations to make sure you’re getting a possession day for your new home a week or so before you have to get out of your current one. This way you’ll have plenty of time to move and a lot less stress.


Tip #2

Declutter – Go through your home, one room at a time and decide what you will keep, donate or throw out. Not sure that you can part with an object? Think back to the last time you used it and if it’s been years, you probably don’t need it. If it’s more of a sentimental item, pull a Marie Kondo and ask yourself if it sparks joy. 


Tip #3

Pack Intelligently – Take it from someone who has lost and found multiple items in boxes over many moves – pack smart! Don’t throw things in boxes, pack by area and label the box with all of its contents. Don’t just write kitchen or bedroom on the box, make a list of everything that’s in it. For example, pick an area, like the drawers in the kitchen, label the box “Kitchen Drawers” and then list everything that is in it. This may sound tedious, but trust me, it will save you time and stress when you’re looking for your favorite spatula.

Tip #4

Book Cleaners – The last thing that you want to be doing when you first move in is removing the previous owner’s soap scum from your new shower door! For a few hundred dollars you can have the home professionally cleaned and then that’s one less thing you’ll have to worry about. Cleaners are also something your REALTOR ® may be able to negotiate for you as well as part of the deal.

Tip #5

Making a Moving Plan and Budget – Are you going to DIY your move to save some money, or are you going to hire the pros to make your move stress free? We’re in a super hot market right now so make sure you hire the movers early, they’re booking up fast. It also makes the most sense to have your boxes arrive the day AFTER you get your keys. In Alberta keys are released after 12pm, but there is no set time, it will depend on when the sellers lawyer receives your mortgage funds. The last thing you’ll want is for the movers to show up with your stuff and have no where to put it! 

Tip # 6

Set up your Utilities and Mail in advance– The City of Spruce Grove provides water, waste, sewer, garbage collection, recycling, and storm water management. You can set up your services for this on www.sprucegrove.org. If you’re staying in Spruce Grove and just moving to a new home, you’ll have to close out your current account and open for a new one. For natural gas and electricity, you can shop the major providers to get the best rate and for mail, everything you need to set up to receive and forward your mail can be found online through Canada post. I’d also recommend not having your tv and internet set up until the day after you take possession, just to be sure that the technician will have access to your new property.

If you’re interested in buying a home here in Spruce Grove, let’s chat! Contact me for a buyer consultation today!

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