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Edmonton has all of the big city amenities at your disposal – top notch restaurants, concerts, sports, shopping and festivals and all with the small town feel that comes with super friendly people. The people in Edmonton are very down to earth and it’s easy to create a community for yourself here.

Speaking of Festivals, Edmonton’s nickname is Festival city, because of the 50+ festivals that are held here every year. The longer winter means that when the sun’s out, people love to live it up!

Not that the sun isn’t out in the Winter! Edmonton actually gets an average of 321 days of sun per year. It may be colder here than in BC and Ontario, but the dry cold is much easier to bear. It’s hard to explain unless you’ve experienced it yourself, but you’ll see when you come visit.

The North Saskatchewan River runs right through the city of Edmonton, and the River Valley boasts 7400 hectares of land equaling 22 x the size of Central Park in New York. There is a tremendous amount of greenspace in the city, with 43 dog parks and hundreds of km’s of walking trails.

West Edmonton Mall, North America’s largest shopping mall has every store you can think of, an amusement park, water park, restaurants, 2 food courts, a casino and hotel all on site plus more. It’s a great place for an outing with the kids.


Depending what area you live in, Edmonton is only 3-4 hours away from Banff and Jasper national parks with absolutely breath-taking sights and tons of outdoor activities to enjoy.

Edmonton is a beautiful city with lots of activities to enjoy year-round, which is why so many Canadians from out of province are now moving here.


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