Top 3 Neighbourhoods to Live in Spruce Grove

TOP 3 Neighbourhoods of Spruce Grove

Spruce Grove is the perfect balance of big city convenience and quiet residential life with a population of roughly 39,000 people. 

Are you considering moving to Spruce Grove, but not sure which area will be the best for you and your family? As a long-term resident of Spruce Grove, I’m here to share the highlights of the best communities. Let’s help you choose your favourite!

What makes a neighbourhood great to live in? The topics that top my list are:

1.     Lifestyle – How walkable is the neighbourhood? Are you close to parks, green spaces and entertainment? How about shopping?

2.     Pride of Ownership – You can’t control who your neighbours are, but when you explore the neighbourhood is it well-kept? As a general rule of thumb, people that take care of their homes don’t spend every weekend throwing wild parties! Buying a home in a neighbourhood surrounded by responsible homeowners will bode well for you down the line when it’s time to sell.

3.     Accessibility – How close are the major access roads? Parks or Walking Trails? Schools? Grocery Stores and Shopping?

4.     Safety – Is the neighbourhood low on crime? Is there a busy street near-by? If you’re shopping for a home in the spring or summer, are there lots of neighbours walking their dogs or riding bikes though the area? If there are, it’s a good sign. We’re cooped up all winter in Alberta so when the sun is out, so are the people.  

Here are my top 3 areas to live in Spruce Grove:

Number 3: Central Spruce Grove

I know this is more than one neighbourhood, but Milgrove, Woodhaven, Brookwood and Broxton Park make up the heart of the city and were among the first houses to be built here. The cost of entry is lower than the newer areas so it’s great for young families or first time home buyers, with accessibility to the trail system and parks, grocery stores and schools. The older area of Spruce Grove contains the majority of our schools and makes for a quick and safe walk to school for your kids.

Number 2: Greenbury

It’s curb appeal galore in Greenbury with the classic brownstone styling that will never look dated and will also be great for resale! A huge priority when building out this area was sustainability, so the developer incorporated wind power, bioswales, and natural wetlands. Greenbury is within walking distance of Prescott Learning Centre and Jubilee Park filled with trees, picnic areas and a spray park for the kids. Greenbury is on the far East side of Spruce Grove, and with the brand-new addition of Pioneer Road, you can access Edmonton within minute

Number 1: McLaughlin

In terms of walkability and lifestyle, it’s McLaughlin for the win. Until recently, the entire subdivision was farmland so in McLaughlin you have a brand-new area, right in the middle of town. As I mentioned, 
McLaughlin is walking distance to most of Spruce Grove’s restaurants and shopping. It really doesn’t feel like it though! 

The community of McLaughlin is situated around a massive storm pond and backs onto Spruce Grove’s nature preserves and walking trails. McLaughlin was designed to maximize the park spaces and the trail system. In the winter McLaughlin residents are basically next door to the Tri-Leisure Centre. The Tri-Leisure includes a gym, running track, swimming pool and ice rinks. 

All of this being said, you really can purchase a home anywhere in Spruce Grove and enjoy a walkable lifestyle, with access to main roads and well-kept, safe neighbourhoods. In Spruce Grove, you really can’t go wrong!

Now that you’re considering which neighbourhood to move to in Spruce Grove, you’re probably wondering where to start with the moving process! Make sure you check out my next video for my top tips on moving here.

If you’re interested in buying a home here in Spruce Grove, let’s chat! Contact me for a buyer consultation today.

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